We invite you to start a driving license category B in English. We are a center for training of drivers with years of experience, qualified staff. We provide a stress-free training in a relaxed atmosphere! Here everyone can find something for themselves. We are fully prepared to meet your needs. Each course driving consists of a theoretical part, practical and internal examinations, which are free with us! We will help you in completing all the formalities related to the course of the license in Poland.

To join the course you must:

  • Possess a medical certificate of no impediment to drive
  • Have the address checking in on Polish territory
  • Have a valid passport
  • Certificate of registration of EU citizens (for EU citizens)
  • 1x current photograph, color size 3,5 x4, 5 cm

On the basis of these documents is assumed candidate profile on the driver, which is needed to start driving course

The set of documents must be submitted in person at the appropriate address for your check-issuing authority license (DMV) – additionally our resort also assumes the profile on your behalf
We also invite you to our offices, our staff will provide detailed information on training, help in completing the documents, will choose the most suitable for your course, and after the presentation of the offer and your acceptance – will help save up for classes!

The course driving consists of three parts:

I The theoretical part includes 30 hours-the time and place of the classes are identified personally with everyone!
II Second part of the practical – includes 30 hours after the end of civil lectures, practical classes are determined personally
III internal examinations – in the price!

Contact us:

Cracow,ul. Wrocławska 48
tel. 12 633 49 77, 501 294 854

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